An online resource in 5 chapters

with all the templates and guidance you need

to implement the SEN CoP 2014

Professor Steve Higgins
This publication will inform those working in schools about their responsibilities, such as in working with parents and understanding personal budgets, but also provides practical advice and steps for schools to undertake so that they can demonstrate the effectiveness of what they are doing: always important in this age of accountability.

Perhaps more importantly the advice and guidance will ensure that schools can support their SEND pupils to ensure that they do succeed and emerge from schooling as confident young people, ready to take on the challenges of the next stage of their lives.

Introduction by Prof. Steve Higgins
Professor of Education at Durham and author of the EEF Pupil Premium Toolkit

Chapter 1

How to transition from SA/+ to SEN support

  • Making the transition: action plan
  • Example Early Help Assessment forms
  • One page profile and IPM combo template
Chapter 2

What you need for EHC Planning

  • Example EHCPs with annotation and explanation
  • Reviewing EHCPs: action timetable
  • Ceasing an EHCP

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Chapter 3

Proving you put families at the centre, and the SEN Information Report

  • SEN Information Report template
  • Parents: best solutions to common challenges
  • Template: demonstrating the impact of your family centred planning

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Chapter 4

Making SEN whole school and in the classroom

  • Strategies for whole school engagement
  • Classroom teacher action plan
  • Differentiation training pack

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Chapter 5

Preparing for Ofsted under the new CoP

  • Implementation journey plan
  • Demonstrating impact of whole school SEN
  • Demonstrating the impact of EHCPs

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Introduced by
Daniel Sobel

Daniel Sobel
Inclusion Expert Founder and CEO

Steve Higgins

Steve Higgins
Professor of Education at Durham